14 January 2006

A Decision

So, the first Christmas my husband and I were seeing each other - over 17 years ago! - he gave me a sweater. It's a beautiful multi-coloured, pure wool, vegetable dyed, Peruvian sweater. The problem is, I've only worn it about a dozen times. The wool is kind of itchy. The fit is a little funny and frankly, all that pattern is not quite, well, me.
It's been in my drawer all these years feeling guilty and obligated. Two days ago, I was doing a dresser drawer purge and I came to the decision. I will unravel this obligation sweater for the beautiful yarn and turn it into many pretty things. A cozy hat is on the top of the list.
I've already completed an adorable little purse in which I will keep my lipstick and compact.
I believe this is a proper tribute to that 1st Christmas gift. It beats giving it to the Sally Ann.

The Evil Red Ducks of the daughter say "Hi there Secret Pal!!"

1 comment:

Super Secret Knitting Pal said...

Yvette...keep an eye on the postman, as in about a week, a file box sized parcel will be delivered. I posted the parcel this morning.

Happy knitting...great idea for the sweater.