04 January 2006

2 WIPs

Finally, for those of you who are completion oriented (you know who you are!), here are some projects I have on the go.

The Princess Doll

Isn't she adorable? Got the pattern from an old British Woman's magazine. She stands about 4" tall and has been super easy so far. I love the way the stitches at the bodice and the overskirt give her an hourglass shape.
She just needs her hair, crown and face. I've started the hair twice as per the pattern - a knit skull cap with pony tails affair - and it looked hideous each time. I think I'll just braid some yarn and attach plaits to her headpiece.

Cotton Sweater

Some of you may recall the recycled man's sweater of several months ago . It was supposed to be the Mermaid Mesh from Interweave. Well, I swatched up a cycle of the pattern and it damn near killed me. So many ssk's and double yo's that my fingers positively ached. So instead, I have chosen a Sandra pattern of wavy half circles comprised entirely of knits and purls. A lot of counting but I quite like the effect. The entire sweater is supposed to look like this but I may do the sleeves in ss with only one run of pattern around the cuffs to streamline the look.


Not An Artist said...

The doll is adorable. I love the shape of her too!

Kelly said...

That doll looks adorable and the sweater pattern is great!