11 December 2005

Two Things Finished!

Well, 2 things that are pretty much the same and were being worked on concurrently. They still counts as two scarves. Hmmm...2 scarves, 2 sisters...Christmas is soon. I believe I've just made 2 check marks on my gift giving list.
Below, you see the scarves having their cold salt and vinegar soak, which will hopefully set the dyes a bit and get rid of some of the funky factory floor dust smell. Then, there they are drying on the sweater rack on my kitchen floor. The one on the left was knit with 9mm needles and the right with 7.5mm. Both are the same drop stitch pattern.When they are dry, I will take them out on a sunny day for a photo shoot so you can admire their true brilliance.

I've also finished the top I was working on but it looks "funny". No photos until I figure out how to fix that.


Kelly said...

Woohoo! Love seeing and hearing about finished knitting projects! I like the big loose knit on the scarves.

Not An Artist said...

Oooh, I see what you mean about the focus issues. I have no secret, other than a tendency to take 10 basically identical photos for everyone I keep. I try to vary lighting if possible and steady the camera on a stable surface. I just delete the blurry ones ;)