21 December 2005


Ooops - accidentally wrapped the scarves before shooting them in the sun. OK, I forgot, so fire me! It's a busy time of the year and I ain't
unwrapping em.
Also, I did diligentally work on the top this evening - I really want to wear it to the party I"m having on Friday - but it stll looks funny.

11 December 2005

Two Things Finished!

Well, 2 things that are pretty much the same and were being worked on concurrently. They still counts as two scarves. Hmmm...2 scarves, 2 sisters...Christmas is soon. I believe I've just made 2 check marks on my gift giving list.
Below, you see the scarves having their cold salt and vinegar soak, which will hopefully set the dyes a bit and get rid of some of the funky factory floor dust smell. Then, there they are drying on the sweater rack on my kitchen floor. The one on the left was knit with 9mm needles and the right with 7.5mm. Both are the same drop stitch pattern.When they are dry, I will take them out on a sunny day for a photo shoot so you can admire their true brilliance.

I've also finished the top I was working on but it looks "funny". No photos until I figure out how to fix that.

05 December 2005

Can't Finish Anything

So, I have Can't-finish-it-itis, that rare frustrating condition whereby the finishing is so boring and the casting on of a new project is so very enticing. Currently have 2 scarves, 2 sweaters and one doll in progress and I just started another sweater. Also, the rug is almost done. Two more rounds of one colour to finish it off are needed. I promise myself, that within the week, I will have an evening of seams and weaving in ends and photo taking.

In the meantime, here is a completely unrelated yet vital piece of business:

The Top 5 Songs To Which Yvette Is Currently Dancing Around Her House

1) Love Letter Bonnie Raitt
2) No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature The Guess Who
3) Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones
4) Hard To Handle The Black Crowes
5) Up On Cripple Creek The Band

For those of you not already onto this amazing woman, get on over to Crazy Aunt Purl. Her divorce became final today and she has left me weeping and laughing simultaneously with her honesty and insight, as she so often does. Everybody send this gift from heaven telepathic good vibes today.