23 November 2005

Some Past Work

I haven't finished anything new in a while due to having so many projects on the go. I did, however, run across this little item that I knit last winter. I'd actually forgotten about it until it was spotted half under the bed of the daughter. Worth a look I thought. It's prettier than I remember.
The problem with all the dolly dresses I've knit is that I kind of make them up as I go along. I start with a skirt pattern from one of the old books and work up, adjusting the size and mixing and matching as I go. I always forget to write anything down, so if I hit a winner, there is no way to ever replicate it.
The special feature of this dress is it was my first time switching colour in mid row - the bodice. With my instructions firmly beside me I wrapped that red and purple into a right tangly mess. Not a bad result though. The sleeves are a little boxy for my taste.

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