12 November 2005

Silk and Musings

The sari silk arrived two days ago and of course, the first thing I did was take pictures. That's the daughter's hand. She is practising to be a game show model here. LOVE the colours!! It came with a page of instructions which I'm enjoying following as I wind the balls, untwisting the over twisted sections by wrapping an elastic around the ball and dangling the thing. Ever untwist the phone receiver cord? Same principle. Highly entertaining. The texture is coarser than I expected. Now I'm musing about what to knit with it.

Speaking of musings...I'm at a bit of an impass, blog-wise. I'm wondering about my blog's direction and content. I've been cruising many knitting blogs, both in the GTA ring and around the world, and I've noted several styles. Some are strictly knitting - no personal info or pictures. Others have almost no knitting content at all, rant about any old thing , include tons of personal photos. I intended mine to be the former - just knitting, but now I'm reconsidering. The blogs that are the most interesting and that I re-visit over and over again, tend to be those that have achieved a balance. It seems that when the craft is put into a context, it takes on more meaning. One comment I came across recently was that the blog writer wished more people, would include photos of their surroundings. However, I also personally find the blogs with endless pictures of aunts, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, babies on & on etc...to be tiresome. (I'll also never put a picture of the daughter here - per her request and my own unease).

Open for discussion: What do you think? What's in good taste, bad taste? Entertaining? Just plain boring? How much is too much or too little?


Kelly said...

I don't mind a bit of personal info and off topics, but what I'm really looking for when I visit knitting blogs is the actual knitting, and especially pictures of it!

P.S. that yarn is gorgeous!

Kelly said...

This here might be one idea for your sari yarn: http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTunbiased.html

And if you'd like the pattern for the wavey scarf, just let me know and I'll email it to you. It's a Fleece Artist thing.

The Silent K said...

I know what Kelly means. If I surf the knit blog rings, it is because I want to read about knitting. That being said though,my blog talks about knitting just as much as other stuff. This might make my blog less interesting to the true knitters, but more accessible to those who don't knit.

I don't know. If I only blogged about knitting, I think I would lose my interest in blogging.

When I become a regular visitor of a knitting blog, I enjoy when the writer branches out a little. It's nice to get the feeling that you are
reading a memoir in motion, and that is what I like about knitting blogs that go deeper than just knitting.

My favourite knitting blog has managed to give that memoir in motion feeling and it sticks to strickly knitting content... (http://www.mindofwinter.prettyposies.com/)

I guess you just do what feels natural for you and hope other people enjoy it too.