17 November 2005

Got It

After an entire evening of trying patterns, stitches and needle sizes (frog and frog again), I finally found a pattern that suits the sari silk.

The Drop Stitch Scarf from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation has a loose enough, yet fancy enough weave, that it really highlights the colours and varying texture of the yarn. It's also embarrassingly easy. Now, because each ball of yarn is a different colour tone, and 2 skeins seemed to be required per scarf, I broke one ball half way through and joined on a new one. That ball is now used and I'm about to join on the second half of the first for a hopefully planned looking colour scheme. This is really due to the fact that I hate knitting stripes.
This yarn has a fibre factory smell to it, and it is not colourfast so it will need a salt and vinegar soak before blocking.

The scarf so far...If you were my sister, would you like me for Christmas?

A close up of the stitches.

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