29 November 2005

Ah, Red Wine and Knitting

A delightful, delightful time. So it is possible to work a 12 hour day and still do the fab thing. I just love knitting. With what other endeavour can a girl walk into group of total strangers and within 5 minutes be laughing and comfortable? Thanks to (going around the table, and with apologies if mispelt)) Amy, Sophie, Tara, Janine, Ann Marie, Elizabeth, Erin, Vivienne, Elizabeth and Jen. Everyone was as friendly as could be. And I will definitely be checking out SnB at The Knit Cafe as Amy suggested. I wasn't familiar with that one. One highlight of the evening was when Veronica Tennant (a knitter, as it turns out) and her husband came over to chat. How lovely she is. Speaking as someone who, as a girl, had pictures of her Juliet all over my bedroom, I was thrilled.

Very impressed with the Rosewater. I could certainly get used to the gracious, elegant service of the staff and the beautiful surroundings. At one point, when they were out of a wine that I had ordered, the sommelier came over to personally apologize. Wow. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. Alas, my pocketbook could not handle the swanky living too regularly. What an amazing treat though. Perhaps the husband could be persuaded to...

Special thanks to the Urban Sherpa for organizing the whole thing. You rock. And you do it while looking incredibly sexy in your little black dress.

I floated home on a warm sea of expensive red wine, very glad that I went.

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