17 October 2005

No Camera, AARGH!

I was in the mood for doll clothes so I knit the Blythe jacket from Knitty this weekend. You may have noticed from past posts, that I enjoy making doll clothes. I find that they are great when I feel like accomplishing an entire project over a weekend. Also, the patterns can be played with so easily. I feel a bit like a mini fashion designer sometimes mixing and matching dress skirts and tops, playing with different colours and textures, adding beads, fringe etc. The problem is, I fear that soon my daughter and her friends will be too old to want the fruits of my efforts. Then, what will I do?
Anyway, the pieces were all finished and pinned to the board for blocking. I went for the camera and it's not there! It turns out that my husband took it to work for whatever reason and it's still sitting on his desk. Objects have a habit of slipping into the Twilight Zone at his office. I'll need to harass him to bring it home if I ever want to see it again.
I've started to sew the pieces together and the seams look fairly pathetic, particularly around the underarm. I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of that area. It's especially difficult with such teeny tiny stitches. I may have over estimated my patience on this one. Pictures will follow asap.

In the meantime, here is a picture of Francois and Malcolm who are the best of friends.

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Kelly said...

When you run out of children to knit doll clothes, you'll just have to find really small friends!