04 October 2005

A Holiday

Yes, I actually took a holiday. Life has been extremely stressful lately and I found myself physically and emotionally exhausted, so I announced to the significant other that I was going away for the weekend. Lest you think me frivolous, let me just say that I have been with my partner for 17 years and I have never done this before! So off I go to Kingston where I plan to knit, shop, read, and hang out by the lake.

Knitting Story #1: I plan to spend the 2 1/2 hour train ride there, working on a lacy shawl thing with my Kikki. About 2 hours in, not only does it look terrible but it's obvious that I don't have enough wool. RIP!!! Now I have two days ahead of me and no pattern! My first stop in town is the LYS where, with the help of the the owner, it is decided that I have enough yarn to make the backless top in Rebecca. The pattern calls for a thicker yarn and 6mm circulars. I have with me 4mm straights. So, we'll knit the largest size, back and forth and life should be fine, right? I purchase the pattern mag for $23.00! Ouch!

Knitting Story #2: After a great weekend with beautiful weather I'm feeling calm, relaxed, and it's time to go home. (BTW, I highly recommend a mental health holiday if you can manage it. What a difference.) Anyway, back to the station I go to hop aboard the west bound train that will return me to the arms of my loving family. I even arrive early to avoid line ups. It turns out that there was a de-railment outside Montreal and no one is going anywhere. There are many cranky people in the station so I go outside, plunk my butt on the one bench and pull out the knitting. There have been a few snags in the progress, but more on that another day. Above mentioned bench is right beside the giant ashtray where the cabbies hang out waiting for fares. One by one, the taxi drivers arrive. The oldest of them gets his lawn chair out of the trunk and starts chain smoking the Export A's in the dark green pack. They have no passengers as the trains are all stuck, but everyone seems happy enough to hang out and chat. I spent over two hours hanging with these guys breathing second hand smoke and talking about the rail line, Kingston, food, and even knitting. One of them used to own a yarn store! The time flew by and I got tons done on my sweater as well.

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