30 October 2005

ebay Rocks My Socks!

I've been coveting this recycled silk sari yarn for quite some time. Inner battle went something like this: You don't need any more yarn! But it's sooo pretty. You have no idea what you'll make with it! But I waaant it! Yesterday, I finally quit fighting it and purchased a lot of 10 skeins on ebay. The picture is from the sellers site. The actual colours of my yarn won't become known to me until the shipment arrives. I'm so excited I could just pee. A special surprise is on the way for me. I think I got a good deal too. It'll come to about $50 Cdn with the shipping. If that's not a good deal, please don't tell me.

Two weeks ago I bought this baby, also on the modern wonder known as ebay. A woman in Scarborough had 5 or 6 1960's Vogue Knitting on auction. I chose this one, 1964, because that's the year of my birth (ouch! personal information). Check out the height of that hair. It doesn't even fit on the page.

My favourite photo is the purple with turban number. This woman oozes cool.

The one I intend to knit is the jacket in the black and white photo. It has an interesting slip stitch pattern that creates the woven tweed effect. And I already have the perfect yarn in my stash so no more purchases necessary!

The daughter, who is sitting next to me, just told me I need to use up all the yarn I have and stop buying new stuff. Hee hee.

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Kelly said...

Love the sari colours. I have a ball of that stashed away somewhere. I'll be interested to see what you do with it. The 60s fashions are wild!