27 September 2005

Rug Progress

Here it is so far. I must say, it's looking better than I expected. Needs to get at least twice as big, but I'm really moving at a good pace now that I have the hang of it. I'll also need to pick up some sort of rug backing.

The rug-to-be is photographed with my Kikki which I love. I only have 4 skeins - about 350 yards. I've been holding on to this yarn for months, terrified of wrecking it. But it's time to plunge in! My knitting needles are unpacked from the move and I can't wait to start something new. Perhaps a light shawl or capelet wouldn't require too much yarn? Suggestions anyone?


Mary deB said...

Wow, that rug will be great! My son, who was then about 5 or 6, wanted to make a long piece of spool knitting, and after months of work, we wound it up and sewed it together and he'd made enough for a pad about a foot in diameter. So you must be really cracking along. But boys love the stuff, as well as girls. We'll be watching your progress!
Mary de B

Kelly said...

Love the colours in the rug! That's going to look great when it's done. Thanks for your tip on the word verification option for my blog! Much appreciated.