26 September 2005

My Summer Sweater

Finally, something for me. I finished this in August and wear it all the time.

The pattern as pictured on the left, is from the July issue of Creative Knitting. Size 6mm needles and bulky wool are called for in the original pattern. For July! No way!

My version, on the right, is knit from super soft recycled cotton. The colour is actually a little lighter than it appears in the photo. I had to use 5mm to avoid a very meshy fabric and knit the largest size printed to make up for the thinner yarn. I'm super happy with the result. It falls beautifully and looks great over a tank or a long sleeve jersey. Wore it once in the evening with a long summery skirt and my white lace push-up bra. Add big jewellery and instant fabulous!

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