07 September 2005

Links Day

I'm trying to learn a new part of blogging every time I log on. Today is figure out how to post links day. It's actually pretty simple.

I've chosen just two to start - both local Toronto independents. Beautiful stores each with its own flavour.
Knitomatic at Bathurst & St. Clair feels like a giant candy store...huge stash on shelves and in baskets. Impossible not to buy something. The proprietress seems to like colour as do I.
Lettuce Knit in Kensington Market is not as heavily stocked and feels more earthy. Shopping there, one senses the care with which each yarn was chosen. It's rather like choosing one piece of jewellry from the artisan's table when all the pieces are lovely.

We all could use some more yarn, right?

1 comment:

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