19 September 2005


I absolutely want to make this. It's from a 1960's British Patons mag. Oh yes, I have a small collection of vintage pattern books that I buy on Ebay and at rummage sales.

Three Questions:

1) Can I find a nice yarn? Not the scratchy acrylic of the pattern but something soft yet shape holding. Also, can I find said yarn on sale?

2) Is it wide enough to fall gracefully over the huge hips? I quit smoking recently and gained 10 pounds in a month!!! I refuse to stress about this. I now have more time and money for knitting - oh, I may live longer too.

3) How old are you when wearing cute sixties dresses stops being cute and just looks pathetic?

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I think if you can manage to get your hairdo the same as the model's, age won't matter!