09 February 2016

Who Else Knew About This??

New Book!!! New Book!!!

So, it appears I may have purchased a book. I do love my ever growing knitting library. Browsing through it inspires me when I need a creative kick, even though I know that much of it contains patterns I will never get around to knitting. 

Not so the case with Lace One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace. Immediately I knew there are at least a dozen projects I want to knit and wear. Right now! As a knitter with a large single skein collection, this is a great book for me. For my first project, I cast on the Flemish Lace Socks using my new Zen Yarn Garden sparkly hand dyed. 


And then this happened. Who else knew about this and why did you never tell me?!  This is my first toe-up sock. The pattern instructs you, quite clearly & with great pictures, to use Judy's Magic Cast-On. So I grasped my yarn and needles tightly and blindly followed the steps. On just the second try I got this! A beautiful closed toe that puts all my grafting to shame. I am gobsmacked. It has been a while since I picked up a new skill. This is very exciting.

30 January 2016

Yarn and Shoes. What's Not to Love?

I went to a knitting event the other night at a shoe store of all places. It was a cross promotion between Zen Yarn Garden and Fluevog. Now the store is quite close so I thought I'd drop in. I expected to find a few skeins on display and some casual shoppers. What a surprise to find the place jam packed with knitters, many of whom I knew,  and to see a huge selection of yarns specially dyed for the occasion. I wish I had brought my camera but you can see Zen's photo here

Yarn and shoes were on sale and people were happily buying both. The yarn matched the shoes! I chose a delicious sparkly sock yarn and a stunning wool/silk/cashmere blend in rich blue and green. I did not buy any of the very lovely but very pricey shoes. Yes, I went off my yarn diet but I got carried away by the festive atmosphere. Kudos to whoever thought of this different and fun event. It was a blast.
Photo from the Zen Yarn Garden site

11 January 2016

Nothing But Mittens

You know how obligation knitting can sometimes drag you down? Last winter, both The Daughter & I lost a mitten - she the left, me the right. Between us we had a mismatched pair; same pattern, different yarns. I thought nothing could be simpler than whipping off a couple of replacements of this Robin Melanson pattern. Wrong I was. 
Somehow I must have made an error in my original Ravelry entry because the new left mitt I produced for the kid was the wrong shade of Cascade 220 Red. She still has no matching pair! I shrugged and went on to mine in Rowan Pure Wool Worsted. I discovered too late that I had screwed up again by inexplicably boggling the cuff. It looks nothing like its mate. Oh well, nothing long sleeves can't hide!
I am now, with great mother guilt, knitting a third Daughter mitt. No knitter would let someone wonder the town in unmatched knit wear. I can't wait for this to be over! It's all I've worked on since the holidays and, with the stress of packing for my move, I need some fun knitting. I am itching to cast on some lace.

01 January 2016

My January 1, 2016 Facebook Post

2015 was the year I became involved in the workers' rights movement, saw my lover through major surgery, ran the main gate at The Indy for the first time, marched with 10,000 others for the climate, had and healed from a serious cycling accident (and first ever ambulance ride!), decided to move in with Michael, ate oysters for the first time, deepened my friendship with my adult daughter Leah , loved my friends more than ever and danced a lot!
My intentions for 2016 (because I never make resolutions) are to continue to embrace change and opportunity and to make the most of every day by being good to my body and spending time with good people. Love you all. Happy New Year!

28 December 2015

Holiday Greeting

My Christmas season is about loving my real family. There may be some debate about the definition.
Family is the hours spent and the care.
Here is part of my family. Beautiful girls in matching beige coats.

The Little Korea festive tiger by Christie Pits.

17 December 2015

The Hat That Wasn't

A skein of Bartlettyarns wool in a beautiful berry tone has been in my stash since January 2013. I purchased it at VK Live in New York so, even though it is a reliable and economical wool (read not trendy), it had a special place in my heart. I had always intended it to be winter hat.

Apparently, the yarn had other ideas.

A few months ago I cast on a pattern only to frog a few weeks later because of bad results. Then last month, I cast on yet another beret, the same Paton's pattern I've made a half dozen times before. I finished quickly; seamed and blocked it in a flash, only to discover that the finished product was mysteriously HUGE. Rip again.

So, last week, I started once again. I made the necessary adjustments for the aran weight of the yarn and it was all going so well... 
Then last night, while Christmas shopping I discovered that my knitting had at some point, leaped out of my shopping bag. I retraced my steps to every place I had visited in the previous hour but to no avail. It is gone forever.

This yarn really did not want to live life as my new hat. It took a good set of needles with it.

So here is a sneak peak at The Daughter's gift instead. A simple cowl that gave me no trouble whatever.

07 December 2015

Another Three by One. Done, Done, Done.

Such a simple and satisfying sock. Good old three by one rib does the trick again. Now on to that holiday deadline crunch.

30 November 2015

It Turns Out That

Post As Much As You Can means not very much at all. Well, that`s OK.

Last night after dinner we were sitting at the table when a song comes on. James Taylor - one I`d never heard before. He declared he loved it and turned it up. Proceeded to sing how he feels well when I`m around while I lay my head on the table and tried not to weep like a sentimental fool. When I raised my head, his eyes too, were full of tears.
"You`re a hard hearted Hannah," he says.

23 November 2015


Confide in the darkness that inspires
Like death. Breath whitens the winter panes.
In streets below your window, fallen wires
Confide in the darkness that inspires.
Night is vital. Void desires
Return to soil like dead-end lanes.
Confide in the darkness that inspires
Like death. Breath whitens the winter panes.

Steven Heighton
Exile The Literary Quarterly  
Vol 18, 1994

17 November 2015

Mystery Solved

What luck. What a coincidence!

We received a new shipment of sock yarn at the store the other day.

"This looks familiar!" I said to myself, eyeing the Ancient Arts. It is definitely the mystery yarn with which I've been making my latest socks. I remember it looking exactly like this on the skein all those years ago. And, now that I think of it, the word "Art" was in the name. 

As it turns out, I was mistaken in recalling silk. This yarn is merino wool with nylon. It just feels like silk.

12 November 2015

Red WIPs

I was sorting through my WIPs drawer today. My, that's a lot of red! A lace weight cardi and a lace stole are there. Both are languishing. So...what else can one do but cast on a worsted weight hat? In red of course!