25 March 2018

Red and More Red

Yes, I finished it the evening of the Olympic closing ceremony. It's a relatively simple pattern but it was rejuvinating to knit to deadline. That's something I've not done in a while. It took a while to get it blocked and photographed but it was cast off on February 25.

I used four of the five skeins in the Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat, Mini Skein Pack that I purchased in Chicago. Funny story! As I was nearing the end, I held it up and asked my partner if I should continue with the next lighter skein or go back to the darker reds. He chose the darker and he was right! That burgundy edge really frames the lace. Who knew the dude had colour sense?

I like my picot edge which, as I explained on Ravelry, I did because I knew it would be stretchy and fast. I think it defines the edge quite nicely. 

23 February 2018

Nearing the Finish Line

I've  only 14 rows left on my unofficial Ravellinic shawl. The problem is, being a top-down triangular scarf (with lace!), each row gets longer and longer. Then there is the cast-off.

I'm working all day tomorrow. Do the Olympics end on Sunday? If so, I may have a chance. If it's tomorrow, there is little hope.

14 February 2018

So There's a Sporting Event Going On?

Apparently there is some kind of event on television right now?

Actually, I do enjoy the Winter Games. I watched, as I have for the past 12 years, the opening ceremonies with my knitter friends. I also cast on an unofficial Olympic project. My knitting has been in a rut so I'm taking the opportunity to switch it up and knit one thing exclusively.

It's the Indian Paintbrush Shawl by Vera Sanon. It's not a hugely challenging project but is interesting enough to keep going at a quick pace. Mainly, it's a great opportunity to knit with the Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat, Mini Skein Pack I purchased two years ago in Chicago. I'm hoping the graded colour change will look attractive with the simple lace.

As luck would have it, I've come down with a cold so yes, I am watching a lot of television and knitting away. This shawl will be done by Games end for sure.

07 February 2018

Subject To Dispersal

"One is not oneself. 
One is several, incomplete and subject to dispersal."
                                                                      Virginia Woolf

I have been struggling with my multitudes of late. There is so much I want to do, so many things I want to be. I am trying to knit, trying to write, trying to be a labour activist. Add to that my overriding, almost animal instinct to be a giving partner and mother. There are not enough hours to accomplish everything and I find that if I devote the majority of my focus on one aspect of my personality, I miss the others. So I practice a little of each and do none of them particularly well.

This feels urgent. Time seems to go faster as I age. Also, as I don't have what people call a "career" but rather just a boring job where I exchange my precious time for dollars, there is the shame and discouragement of that issue.

What's best? Should one focus intensely or be a scattered mess of activity? Where's the balance and how to find it?

This is just a meandering - an attempt to get it down. 
Here are some photos of weirdness on the Don Trail taken two Sundays ago when it was unseasonably balmy and we went for a muddy bike ride.


24 January 2018

As Those Who Are Too Old

As Those Who Are Too Old

he is inventing me
but I cannot say to him
she is not real
even as he held me
he was destroying me
and creating her
he was puzzled when
I walked away
as fast as those
who are too old to die
he writes her letters
which I intercept
and answer with great care 
and imprecision

Joy Kogawa
Jericho Road
McClelland Stewart, 1977

PS:  I found out today that Joy Kogawa and I share the same birthday - the day and month though not the year. Obvoiusly. She is actually one year older than my father.

She speaks in an interview I watched on line today, of the point in your life of "crossing over". That time, she says, is when you decide to cease becoming a victim. In a great spirit of gentleness, she acknowledges that, of course, there are moments when you are thrown back. However, if you stay stuck in the identity of the victim, and stay focused on how hurt you are, then you are not aware of others' suffering. You are only aware of your own and that is how you can do great harm to others. When you cease to be constantly aware of your own suffering is when you know you are seen and then you can see others.

And so, imprecision. But very great care.